Harvest-to-Harvest: Trip Nine + Ten

During my last trip, I got a text from my friend Paul that he was going to be harvesting his “Lot”of Barbera grapes from the vineyard, so I made the trek back up to meet him.

It has been very interesting and educational to learn about wine from Paul and Chris. My sense of taste for different elements in a glass of wine has dramatically matured.

These are some of the Barbera grapes being picked by Antonia and her crew at the vineyard.



Paul sorting through each bin of grapes.



Antonia and her husband.



A couple of months has passed since the last trip.
The Cabernet grapes were finally ready to be harvested at the winery, and it was exactly one year since I started the project.

The first journey up to the winery, Antonia and her crew was harvesting the last rows of the Cabernet grapes.
I knew I wanted to do portraits of everyone, but it was too early in the beginning. I didn’t want to impose myself on anyone.
Throughout the year it was more about building a relationship and getting to know everyone. In the beginning I was the outsider looking in, but eventually through everyone’s kindness, I became part of the family.

Chris Barnum



Sensei Bill helped Chris and his partners get started in the wine world.









Antonia’s husband



Chris and crew



Chris with his family at the vineyard. From left to right: Theo, Natasha, Delia, Chris, and Eli.


It has been an exciting photographic journey. The beauty of photography is that you’re always learning something new, and at the same time you meet wonderful people. I cannot thank everyone enough for letting me into their lives.

My next step is to create beautiful prints for the winery and the family, then off to the next project – stay tuned!


Photography Info

Camera: Canon 5D Mark 2
Lighting: Available Light

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