Harvest-to-Harvest: Trip One

One of the great things about being a photographer is all the wonderful people you meet throughout your journey’s.

I happen to be lucky to know a pretty well known San Francisco sommelier, that was kind enough to introduce me to the vineyard owner that produces the Barbera grapes he uses for one of his wine labels.

I wanted to capture life on a vineyard from harvest to harvest. The owner of the vineyard/winery agreed to let me hang out for a couple of days each month to capture the daily life and monthly changes of the land.


Trip One

Prior to heading over to the vineyard (see City Slicker), I spent the morning at the winery where I first met Chris (owner) and crew.

One of the first things I noticed were the beakers and tools sitting on the shelf, it reminded me of the days of photo printing + processing in the darkroom, but also made me realize that wine making has a very scientific processing approach.



These are grapes that have a little of “this + that”, and will be aged for about 5 years.



Last of the Cabernet grapes harvested from the winery – October 2014.



Sapriano working on the wine press.



Barbera grapevines at the vineyard. The grapevines were planted in the 1970’s.



Photography Info
Camera: Canon 5D Mark 2
Lighting: Available Light

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