Harvest-to-Harvest: Trip Two

The second trip was pretty quiet at Granite Springs Winery.

Notable changes from the previous month was the beautiful fall colors throughout the county.

Here are a few shots of the winery.



While wandering through the vineyard at Granite Springs, I ran into Ruggero who owns Mastroserio Winery next to Granite Springs Winery.

Ruggero showed me around the property and gave me a little history lesson about the area. As we walked to his property, he shared his story on becoming a winemaker. It’s always great to meet people and listen to their stories. Life is fascinating.

This is his vineyard on the other side of Granite Springs Winery.



Later in the afternoon I headed over to Barnum Vineyard to hang out with Chris and his family, and to shoot the sun setting. It was a fun evening with great food, and laughter at my expense. This city boy would eventually get accustomed to the wine country way of life.



The next morning as I headed out, the vineyard was socked in with a beautiful blanket of fog.

Even though there was not much winery or vineyard activity happening, it was fun to learn about viticulture, and enjoy the beautiful landscape.



Photography Info
Camera: Canon 5D Mark 2
Lighting: Available Light


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