Lorelei Bernardino

The love of martial arts and motorcycles connected Lorelei and I to become good friends.

During the week, this badass beauty worked for a major Cosmetology Company in the Bay Area, and on the weekends she was racing Motorcycle Track Days sponsored by Keigwin.

These are a few photo’s we did for one of her Motorcycle Racing posters.


Photography Info

The portrait was shot using a Profoto Octa Softbox with a grid for the main light and a Profoto Strip Light off her left shoulder to create separation from the background. I wanted the classic Rembrandt lighting to keep it simple and moody. At the track, it was all about having the correct shutter speed, proper panning and pre-focusing techniques to capture the perfect moment.

Camera: Phase One 645 Medium Format Camera + Canon 5D Mark 2

Lighting: Profoto Lighting + Comet Lighting

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