The Morris SF

The Slow Club Restaurant has been an iconic eatery in San Francisco’s Mission District for over 20 years. I remember doing lunch take-out for photo shoots during my photo assisting days.

When my friend Paul told me he was going to open a restaurant in the old Slow Club location, it was awesome news!

The Morris SF (named after Paul’s father) is being run by Owner/Sommelier Paul Einbund, Chef Gavin Schimdt, and General Manager Kosta Antonoglou. This little neighborhood restaurant has an endless selection of libations to quench your thirst and serves amazing delicious food.

These are a few P.R. shots for the restaurant.


General Manager: Kosta Antonoglou20160923_TheMorris_crwsc_1107

Owner/Sommelier Paul Einbund20160923_TheMorris_crwsc_10676

Chef Gavin Schimdt20161229_TheMorris_crwsc_1798

Smoked Muscovy Duck20160923_TheMorris_crwsc_10767

Matsutake Stew20170210_TheMorris_crwsc_0198

Buckwheat Doughnut with Whisky Creme Anglaise20170210_TheMorris_crwsc_0165

Photography Info

Everything was shot with natural light except for the portrait of Paul at the bar. Using natural light let me be more spontaneous in capturing the moment. Since there was not enough natural light at the bar, we used a Profoto Beauty Dish to mimic the existing light for Paul’s portrait.

Camera: Canon 5D Mark 2

Lighting: Profoto Lighting, Natural Light

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