Way To Life Foods

Daulet Bey and her kids have been baking healthy delicious vegan food for years. Their products can be found at selected retail stores, and many Farmer Markets across Northern California.

Recently, new images were created for their updated website: https://www.waytolifefoods.com

The series of images below captures Daulet’s son (Fard) making their succulent vegan cinnamon rolls. Fard said that there’s no recipe – it’s just how he learned from mom.


Photography Info

Images were shot on location at Way To Life Bakery in Pittsburg, CA. The plan was to capture process shots in the kitchen, but due to the lack of space and lighting, we brought the kitchen into the retail area. A large parabolic umbrella acted as a window light, and a pancake lantern was used for a fill light. Both lights were on separate packs so I could control the highlights and shadows.

Camera: Canon 5D Mark 2

Lighting: Profoto Lighting, Comet Lighting









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