Lazy Bear – Guest Chef Series 2018

I first met Lazy Bear Owner/Chef David Barzelay when photographing his new cocktail-focused bar True Laurel located in San Francisco’s Media Gulch.

In the Spring of 2018 I was contacted by Lazy Bear’s Events Director Annie Andreou about photographing a series of Guest Chef dinners at Lazy Bear Restaurant located in San Francisco’s Mission District.

The guest list included Chef’s from around the country and beyond. With their unique culinary skills, they created magnificent dishes with local ingredients. I know this, because I photographed and tasted all of the guest chef’s tasting menus.

Owner/Chef David Barzelay20180410_LB_ElizabethRestaurant_crwsc_08335

Michelin Starred Chef Matt Lambert of The Musket Room, New York City, NY20180327_LB_MusketRoom_crwsc_0213720180327_LB_MusketRoom_crwsc_0051

James Beard Best Chef nominee – Iliana Regan of Elizabeth Restaurant, Chicago, IL20180410_LB_ElizabethRestaurant_crwsc_0825220180410_lb_elizabethrestaurant_crwsc_1516.jpg

Food & Wine Best New Chef – Kevin Fink of Emmer & Rye, Austin, TX20180425_LB_EmmerRye_crwsc_839220180424_LB_crwsc_EmmerRye_1752

James Beard Award Winner – Jeremiah Langhorne of The Dabney, Washington D.C.20180502_LBE_TheDabney_crwsc_221320180502_lbe_thedabney_crwsc_2276.jpg

Chef Ryan Santos of Please, Cincinnati, OH20180613_LB_PleaseCincinnati_crwsc_265820180613_LB_PleaseCincinnati_crwsc_2730

Chef Hisato Nakahigashi of Miyamasou, Kyoto, Japan20180626_LB_Miyamasou_crwsc_246520180626_LB_Miyamasou_crwsc_2911

Iron Chef Contestant – Brittanny Anderson of Metzger Bar & Butchery, Richmond, VA20180718_MetzgerBarAndButchery_crwsc_330520180718_MetzgerBarAndButchery_crwsc_3356

Rising Star Chef of the Year – Jenner Tomaska of Next Restaurant, Chicago, IL20180822_LB_NextRestaurant_crwsc_387620180822_LB_NextRestaurant_crwsc_3951__________________

Photography Info

Each event started with a large group photo, then the guest chef portrait if time permitted. I usually had 10 minutes to compose the shot, set-up my lighting, get the portrait, then break down before the doors opened. This tested my skills to be spontaneous in composing and lighting, since time was a factor in getting the portrait. The food shots were simply lit with a grid, diffusion and bounce board. This combination gave me control in making the food shine, while controlling the reflective surfaces.

Camera: Canon 5D Mark 2

Lighting: Profoto Lighting, Softbox, Grids, Available Light

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