Taste Buds: Chefs Giving

Spent the day in Napa Valley shooting Behind-The-Scenes photography for an upcoming television show airing on ABC – Sunday November 25th, 2018 @ 1PM PT / 4PM ET.

It’s a television special with previous Bravo Top Chef Contestants getting together during the Holidays to share with you their cultures and family food traditions.

Chef’s: Sheldon Simeon, Tu David Phu, Melissa King, and Kwame Onwuachi @ Hoopes Vineyard, Napa Valley, CA20180924_TasteBuds_08430

Couple of Sony FS7 Rig’s were used to capture everything20180924_TasteBuds_08446

Gaffer/Jib Operator Drew Eckmann from Jon Fontana Grip & Lighting did a great job with lighting, and Prop Stylist Suzie Holmstrom did an awesome job decorating the sets20180924_tastebuds_08437.jpg

DP Dan Lowrey and B Camera Operator Alex Weisman20180924_TasteBuds_08470

DP Dan capturing slo-mo food porn of Melissa’s potstickers20180924_tastebuds_08487.jpg

DP Dan getting some macro shots of Kwame prepping20180924_TasteBuds_08493

B Camera Operator Alex with Erik Lehmer on Audio capturing Tu David prepping 20180924_tastebuds_08499.jpg

Sheldon plating his stir-fry noodle dish20180924_tastebuds_08502.jpg

Sheldon adding the finishing touches to his fish dish with hot peanut oil20180924_tastebuds_08553.jpg

Everyone wanted a piece of Kwame’s roasted goat – just out of the oven20180924_tastebuds_08539-e1539807689507.jpg

Producers Molly Shanks & Kyle Goldhoff20180924_TasteBuds_08577.jpg

The stories they shared were priceless…20180924_TasteBuds_08598__________________

Photography Info

My job was secondary in the overall project. I had to be a ninja, and at times could not shoot because the sound recording equipment was picking up the camera shutter sound. The lighting crew did a great job with placement and color balancing of all the light sources. The Canon 5DS Mark 4 High ISO sensor let me handhold the camera in the low video lighting set-ups. At times I pushed the ISO to 10,000 – where the images were very clean, any sign of noise was easily removed in post processing.

Camera: Canon 5D Mark 4

Lighting: Available Light

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