Project: Ardent Mills

Photography project to showcase Ardent Mills flour and grain products.
A mixture of strobe and natural light was used to create a daylight atmosphere while retaining the texture of their products.
Food recipes were captured with a Phase One Digital Camera + 120MM Macro Lens.
A “Flash + Burn” technique was used to mix both lights.
The main light source is a strobe light with a fresnel housing for focusing the light source, then dragging the shutter to burn in the natural light.
This technique retained texture in the product by focusing and grazing the light on the product, then burning in the natural light to soften the shadows.
20180620_AM_GrainsPalette_24548 copy20180620_AM_Crisps_24015 copy20180620_AM_Pzza_24431 copy20180620_AM_Khchpuri_24319 copy20180620_AM_CrckrChps_24204 copy

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