Project: BiziBAZA

This is a video project shot for BiziBAZA, a phone app that connects you with your local Farmer’s Market.
Charles Farriér of Crumble & Whisk started creating cheesecakes for family and friends, and the rest is history.
The major difference in telling a story with photography and video is sound.
We wanted to capture Charles telling his story in his Farmers Market environment, but shooting at the actual market would have been too difficult to control the ambient sound.
Instead we opted to recreate his environment in a nice quiet park.
The main light source was the sun, and a Zylight F8 + reflector was used for fill light.
The Zylight F8 helped offset some of the purple cast created from the tent.
The Zylight F8 was also used in the kitchen to enhance the natural window light.
Video was captured with the Canon C100 Mark 2 + 24-70MM Lens.
Sound was captured with the Zoom H4N Recorder + Sound Device 302 Mixer, with a Sennheiser Boom microphone and Lavalier microphone.
Adobe Premiere Pro was used for editing.

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