Behind-The-Scenes: Pizza Factory

I enjoy being on the road for an assignment just as much as shooting in the studio.
Usually a location shoot is required because there is an environment or element you can’t capture in the studio, for this project it was about the oven we needed to create pizza’s.
This was actually our second pizza location shoot, so we kind of had the whole process dialed in.
The Gear:
I usually do a dry run with my set-up so all of the gear taken on-location has a purpose. Most of the time location space is limited, so being organized is important.
The set-up:
We had a top-down and 3/4 set-up for the pizza shots.
I take my Baby AdMagic Fresnel Housing with me all the time because I like being able to focus and control the light source.
A pancake light above served as an overhead fill light. The silks, scrims, and fill cards all helped in sculpting the overall lighting.
The beauty shots:

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