What it’s like to shoot during the pandemic

Shelter-In-Place was scheduled to end the first of June, then our Mayor decided to make SIP indefinite.

The photo shoot had already been postponed to the end of May since that’s when we thought the city would reopen. We were not going to reschedule again, unless there was a major outbreak.

Anyways, a colleague of mine was already on-set in another studio that started photo shoots the beginning of May and created a Policy & Procedure documentation for their shoots.

I borrowed portions of the documentation and created my own set of Policies & Procedure rules for my studio to keep everyone safe. A liability form was also created for everyone to sign. Temperatures were taken, shoes were parked outside the front door, hands were sanitized, and masks were worn all day.

Working on set the first day we tried to keep our own space throughout the day, and it worked for the most part. Shooting food can sometimes be tricky, therefore the forbidden 6 foot radius rule did not always work.

Everyone was comfortable with the situation and at the end of the day we got some really great images. The extra safety precautions do make for an exhausting long day, afterwards it felt great to just zone out and breath.

We communicated virtually with our clients. It was great that they could see the capture screen and chime in at any time. I chose meet.google for this shoot and it was a good video conferencing experience. Only downfall of virtual shooting was the ability for my clients to point out changes they wanted to make, all art direction changes had to be verbally communicated.

I do miss having my clients at the shoot, because it’s always great to collaborate as one big team in the studio.

All in all it was safe and successful, and it felt great to shoot!

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