Behind-The-Scenes: Next Meats Video Shoot

We were hired by Tokyo based food tech venture company Next Meats to shoot a cooking video of their plant-based meat product.

They needed a cooking demonstration video for an upcoming event, and wanted to capture a Chef from 3 different camera angles preparing their Ginger Sauté Yakiniku dish.

The client found a great loft location with a beautiful kitchen in Oakland, CA. I would highly recommend it for any photo or video shoots:

All cameras were hooked up to an external monitor for clients to view the action. A soft natural light atmosphere was created by combining HMI lights with the loft windows. Cooking sounds were captured with lavalier and shotgun mics.

Here are some behind-the-scene images:

Setting up Glide Gear system for the overhead camera.
Brightening up the kitchen background with a Zylight/Softbox combination.
Sound kit was essential to capturing “yummy” sounds.
Chef Nicole Dobarro in action.
Client edited video in-house for their event, I edit the above version for myself.

Gear List:

Canon C300 Mark2 + 100MM Macro Lens

Canon C100 Mark 2 + 16MM-35MM Zoom Lens

Canon 5D Mark4 + 24MM-70MM Zoom Lens

Lilliput 4K Broadcast Monitor

Arri HMI Light Kit

Zylight F8 Light Kit

Chimera Softboxes

Sound Devices 883 Mixer-Recorder

Sennheiser Shotgun Mics

Sennheiser Lavalier Mics

A bunch of grip equipment!

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