Behind-The-Scenes: Omni Foods Photo Shoot

Agency: We Are Guru

Client: Omni Foods

Project for Omni Foods U.S. Launch Campaign of their plant-based food products.

The client wanted to create a variety of food and people images showcasing their products for the Natural Products Expo West event in Anaheim, CA.

It was great to have Producer Geri Logan organize the project for our one day photo shoot at Ciel Creative Space in Berkeley, CA.

Here are some Behind-The-Scenes images:

Great having a pre-light day to set-up and dial-in lighting for both sets a day before the shoot.

Since we had multiple models for the shoot, we used a Butterfly portrait lighting set-up to keep it simple. Profoto strobes were used for both key and rim light, Comet strobes were used for the background. We put CTB gels on the Comets to match the Profoto strobes color temperature.

The key light for food captures is an AdMagic Fresnel light modifier. I like using this because I can control how the light rakes across the subject. Diffusion material and bounce boards or gobos are used to shape the light.

I used a Canon 5D Mark 4 for portraits and Phase One Digital Back for food shots. Both camera’s were tethered to the same laptop. It was easy to switch from one set to another using “Sessions” in Capture One. Photo Assistant Rachel Holmes did a great job manning the computer and keeping everything organized.

Food Stylist Amanda Anselmino made all the food look delicious with the help from her assistant Cole Church. Chef Kenny (Client Associate) knew how the client’s product should look when cooked, so it was nice of him to join the kitchen team.

Prop Stylist Aja Coon brought us an assortment of colorful props and surfaces. She sourced a bunch of little knit-knacks, that helped convey a story for each recipe.

It was a successful shoot day, and everything looked great!

Some of the final images:

Gear List:


Canon 5D Mark4 + 24MM-70MM Lens

Phase One IQ Digital Back + 120MM Macro Lens


Profoto D2 Monolights

Comet CX-244 2400 Watt Packs + Strobe Heads

Lighting Accessories

AdMagic Fresnel

Chimera Softbox

Reflectors & Grids

Diffusion Roll

Bounce Boards

Color Gels

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