The Studios

My first photo studio was located in the American Industrial Can Building on Third Street. The Dogpatch area of San Francisco in 1998 was a great location for artists, craftsman, and other small businesses. Studio 339 has East window light and a view of the San Francisco Bay.

Back then we were still shooting film with a view camera, and the Hells Angels were frequent patrons of the Main Mast on 20th Street.


In 2004 we moved down the hall to a larger studio with North window light. The North light in Studio 325 is beautiful throughout the whole day, and the city view was amazing!

Slowly, businesses like the Main Mast would close to make room for new residential homes, and the gorgeous view of downtown San Francisco would slowly vanish.



2011 we downsized to a smaller studio in the building. Studio 205 has Western window light and a view of Potrero Hill. The street vibe was lively and the view picturesque, although you could see major changes coming.

The old Pro Camera Store along with other buildings were demolished to make room for more new residential homes. The sound of construction diminished the lively street vibe, and large apartment complexes being built would block that beautiful view of the hill.


After 20 years in the Dogpatch area of San Francisco, it was time to move to a new location. The photo studio is now located in the SOMA (South of Market) area of San Francisco. Studio 2 is in a quiet little alley named Lucerne Street. It’s a beautiful live/work loft with large Western windows, a full kitchen, client area, and a huge loft office.



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